Inner Trip

I created a fusion of different modalities (sound healing, meditation, astrology, yoga nidra, chakras and chanting) hence a mindful experience was born. I named this experience “Inner Trip”, since it is not just one technique but a combination of many that you get to experience by yourself. Going to the most profound of your subconscious mind and reprogramming old beliefs that no longer serve you is the main goal of this process.  “Inner Trip” is a space for relaxation, a moment that you dedicate to yourself. Many people find it less challenging than meditation because the sound keeps their mind occupied, while Yoga Nidra helps them focus and makes it easier to enter into deep states of calm and peace. Astrology also plays a special role during the process because of the planetary influences and the effects on our personal self. If you have never meditated and think you could never reach that state of calmness that meditation and other mindfulness techniques require, I encourage you to try the “Inner Trip Experience”, it will change your perspective on this matter.  
Modalities: Sound Healing, Meditation, Yoga Nidra

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